Fire Shutters

Integrated, effective fire shutter solutions

Fire shutters should be a key part of your overall fire strategy for your building and work seamlessly with other elements, such as smoke alarms or sprinklers. Fire shutters can help keep people, buildings, and other belongings safer in the case of an emergency by compartmentalising the fire and slowing its progression.

A fire shutter can prevent the spread of a fire by up to 4 hours when compared to your typical shutter. The timeframe is significant in helping to ensure people get out of the building safely and reducing the damage that fire can cause. Shutters can be used to section off and protect particular parts of a building, the whole building and even provide protection between floors with horizontal fire shutters.

Westwood Security Shutters are a leading manufacturers of fire shutters and fire curtains in the UK. Our industry knowledge and expertise mean we’re able to create integrated, cost-effective solutions, tailored to your requirements, without compromising on quality.

Typically fire shutters are made from mild steel lath of varying thickness, with the thickest providing the highest level of protection. However, all of our fire shutters, along with the guides, canopies, flags and L rail, are made from 22 gauge-galvanised steel. This means that our shutters are long lasting, effective solutions that you can trust. Whatever your needs and space within your building we can create a fire shutter solution for you.

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